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Strawberries are almost ready!

We know you want to know exactly when, right!  Well, the weather rules the roost around here and right now we’re thinking of starting probably Friday or Saturday this week!  It will be a lighter first pick, as usual, but a nice chance to get 1 or 2 baskets for a treat this weekend.  We’ll update this message by Wednesday night, so check back for the info.  We will even have some of our Fresh Picked available probably.  Once we get started, the season lasts about 4 weeks and we’ll be open almost every day and some evenings for picking!  For the most up to date info, try 475-5181 or this site.  We wish we could talk to each of  you personally on the phone, but this time of year is so crazy busy in the fields that we really appreciate if you try to find your answers on the website or the phone hotline.  For example, did you know the prices and estimated seasons for our crops are right on this website?  The weather is such a detemining factor in crop timing, that we don’t put actual start dates for seasons online, but will update this site and the hotline when we know a crop is almost ready – so just check back!  Are you receiving our newsletter yet?  Just on this site near the bottom you can sign up and get a notification when new crops are ready!


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