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From informative and instructive to just-for-fun, there’s always a variety of things to learn, see, and do at the farm.

2017 Spring Weekend Workshops (2018 Schedule Coming Late Winter)

All workshops will be held at Belluz Farms.

  • Maximum of 10 registrants per workshop.  
  • Pre-registration and payment is required. 
  • Register in person during Farm Store hours OR by calling 475 5181 or email: jodi@belluzfarms.on.ca

Saturday, May 27th at 3pm – CLASS FULL
Hanging Strawberry Garden
Cost:  $25 (+HST) – includes all materials
No garden space for strawberries? No problem! You can still enjoy luscious, sweet berries this summer picked right from your patio or balcony.   In this hands-on workshop, learn how to plant and care for your own Hanging Strawberry Garden.  We’ll also explore the differences between June-Bearing, Day-Neutral and Everbearing strawberry plants and discuss ways to ensure a successful harvest in our Northern climate.

Saturday, June 3rd at 3pm – CLASS FULL
Plant-Your-Own: Salad and Herb Pallet Garden
Cost: $60 (+HST) – includes all materials (a ½ pallet, organic soil, seeds and transplants)
A Pallet garden is an excellent option for patio or balcony gardens, first time veggie growers or even if you just need a little more growing space.  In this hands-on workshop, learn how to prepare a re-purposed, industrial ½ pallet and how to properly plant and care for an edible salad and herb garden.

Sunday, June 4th at 4pm
Fiddlehead Pickles and Spruce Bud Jelly
Cost: $40 (+HST)
Nothing says “spring” in NW Ontario like fiddleheads and spruce buds!  If you’ve never had either of these wild edibles – now’s the chance to bring some Boreal Forest to your table.  In this workshop, we’ll review the science of safe canning, learn how to identify fiddleheads, and then turn them into delicious pickles.  With the Spruce buds (or tips), we’ll turn them into a lovely jelly that’s perfect to glaze fish when grilling.  Both are wonderful accompaniments to any cheese board.

Sunday, June 11th at 4pm
Rhubarb Rhapsody – Jam, Chutney and Syrup Making
Cost $50 (+HST)
Blushing rhubarb growing in the garden is such a welcome spring sight!  In this workshop, we’ll review the science of safe canning, and then turn a whole bunch of beautiful pink and red rhubarb stalks into jam for your toast, chutney for your roast pork or chicken and syrup for your sodas and lemonades (or cocktails!)

Sunday, June 18th at 4pm
Lilac Jelly, Lavender Lemonade & Rose Petal Syrup Making
Cost $50 (+HST)
Flower power!  Edible flowers are a lovely addition to salads or beautiful decorations on homemade cakes and cupcakes.  But in this workshop, we take them to a whole new level!  We’ll review the science of safe canning, explore the world of edible flowers and then turn them into culinary delicacies: a delicate jelly for your scones, a refreshing and sophisticated lemonade and a syrup for a truly unique homemade soda (or an “out-of-this-world” Gin cocktail or a spectacular pancake topping!)

Sunday, June 25th at 4pm
Strawberry Jam 3 ways!
Cost $50 (+HST)
Jam making is about understanding the roles of pectin, sugar, a good seal and safe processing.  In this workshop, we’ll discuss the basics of jam making and demonstrate 3 different recipes.  You’ll get a jar from each recipe (3 jars total) for your jam cupboard.  All materials included – we’ll use frozen strawberries from last season so you are ready to get “jamming” when the 2017 berries are ready to harvest!

2017 Monday Night Summer Workshops (2018 Schedule Coming Late Winter)

Please sign up for our mailing list or Facebook page for all the new workshop schedules as soon as they are available.  Keep in touch!  

Join us as we explore some techniques and kitchen tips that will help you to make the most of our local harvest.

All classes will be held at Belluz Farms.

  • Maximum of 10 registrants per class.  
  • Pre-registration and payment is required. 
  • Register by calling 475 5181 or email: jodi@belluzfarms.on.ca






Educational  Farm Tours

Our goal is to create a knowledgeable, interactive and fun opportunity to learn about sustainable food and local farming. Jodi Belluz (B.Ed), has created educational programming that meets Ontario Curriculum requirements and targets multiple learning areas and expectations. Please call (807) 475-5181 or email: jodi@belluzfarms.on.ca to enquire about availability and rates.

Kindergarten and Primary Tours

From seed to flower to fruit, through honey-bee dancing, a “field hike”, and fuzzy farm animals, students learn how the fruits & veggies they love to eat are grown.
Kindergarten and Primary School Tour Program Overview:

      • To enhance your visit, we have an optional Farm Unit Plan that has been created to specifically fulfill curriculum objectives. This unit is full of lesson plans and activities. If all lessons are utilized, the unit will take approximately one week to complete
      • In our Farm Classroom, we will take a hands-on approach to learning about bees, pollination and the fruits and vegetables we grow. Then we’ll meet and greet our small, farm animals!
      • We’ll take a “Field Hike” into our fields to see what’s growing and to learn some special techniques we use to grow food in Northwestern Ontario.
      • Students will have time to enjoy our Straw Jump, Straw Tunnel & Giant Sandbox in the Play Area
      • In the spring, we’ll plant a strawberry plant for you to take home. In the fall, we send each student home with a mini-pumpkin or gourd and each class takes back a jack o’ lantern pumpkin to carve.

Intermediate and Senior Tours

Our goal is to create an educational experience that allows your Social Studies and Science units to come alive! Our New Tour targets curriculum objectives from the following areas: Patterns in Physical Geography, Natural Resources (Social Studies), Ecosystems (Science), Human Geography, Water Use (Social Studies), Plant Biology – cells, tissues, organisms (Science).
Intermediate and Senior Tour Overview:

    • A Unit Plan which specifically addresses curriculum objectives. If all lessons are utilized, this unit will taken approximately 1 week to complete. Completion of the unit is complementary to the tour but not necessary.
    • A Hands-On Lesson in our Farm Classroom where we’ll explore pollination, plant growth, and the role of ecosystems.
    • A Hike to our amethyst and slate quarry where we’ll discover the geology of the Slate River Valley and/or
    • A tour of our fields in various stages of production and an exploration of sustainable agricultural practices.

View our availability for tours on the calendar at the top of this page!

Vistors meet both farmers and animals

Vistors meet both farmers and animals

Kids engage with Jodi on horticulture, as their parents pick up a few facts on the side

Kids engage with Jodi on horticulture, as their parents pick up a few facts on the side



Farm activities

Always Free Farm Admission

A visit to our Farm is great country outing where kids can have fun and learn the story behind the food they eat. Admission onto Belluz Farms is always free whenever we’re open. This includes access to our Farm Store, a free play area with sandbox and natural play structures, and an animal viewing area.  We do hope that you visit the Farm Store every visit  – your purchases help us to offset the costs of maintaining free access to our farm!  Remember – we are a working farm and adult supervision of children is required. You may also encounter some dirt while walking around so please come prepared!

Fall Wonderland special activities are weekends only starting the last weekend in September until THE LAST WEEKEND IN oCTOBER.

During the fall season, we feature the following Fall Farm Activities with Fees – all prices include HST (babies under 2 are free):
The Amazing 2 Acre Maze (approx. 20-30 min.) – $5/person  ($1 of your fee is donated to the United Way)
Farm Wagon Tour up to Strawhenge and Pumpkin Bowling (approx. 25 min) –  $5/person
Hidden Pumpkin Hunt,  best suited for children under 8 (or anyone young at heart), find a perfect kid sized pumpkin or squash in our mini corn maze to take home  – $5/pumpkin
Combo Deal – The Amazing Maze & Farm Wagon Tour – $8/person

The Pumpkin Barn has a Kids Craft area and a Pumpkin Ring Toss game (both free with a donation to United Way).  There is also a Toddler Maze that is free with the purchase of any activity.

Barnyard Friends, Ruth Wolsiffer, will be on-site and offers pony rides and a petting zoo for a $2/person.

Including our Harvest Cafe with light meals and fall themed snacks, it is easy to spend a few hours at the farm making memories and just enjoying the outdoors.

Laying Hens Looking For a Treat!


Wagon Rides & Strawhenge

Peeking Through StrawHenge!

In the fall, we offer wagon rides around our farm, up to the “Top of the World” (the highest point in the valley, and the scene pictured in our logo), and to the mystical Strawhenge – assembled out of massive strawbales by unknown forerunners. A great way to take in some fresh air and the fall colours of the Nor’Westers.  It also stops long enough to play Pumpkin bowling and admire the view.


The Amazing Maze
What could amass more amazement than a massive maze made of maize? Come solve the riddles of our corn labyrinth, and see if you can guess its new shape. Check out some of our past designs below (click for large versions).  Jodi’s father, Jack, designs a new maze every year!







Birthday Parties

Starting the last weekend of September until the last weekend in October we take bookings for birthday parties. Our weekends can be busy, so we only book 1 party each Saturday or Sunday from 11am-1pm. Reserve Early! Parties get their own private area with picnic tables.
Our special birthday rate is $9 (+HST) per child and includes: A Private Farm Wagon Tour to Strawhenge (takes 20 min.), the Amazing Maze (takes 20-30 min,), Pumpkin Hunt (includes a small pumpkin you take home), Kids Farm Play Area, Farm Animals & Petting Zoo, and, of course, a beautiful fall farm setting for your child’s special day. 1 Adult per child is free, after that our Adult rate is $4 (+HST).
You provide your own party food, however, we do strongly suggest you bring re-usable and/or recyclable plates, cups etc… to help keep environmental impacts at a minimum. No styrofoam, please. Call 475-5181 x3 for more info.



Links and Useful Downloads

High Mowing Seeds and Belluz Farms Seed Starting Pamphlet – click to open!

Belluz Farms – What’s in Season Handy Chart – click to open!
Remember seasons are based on weather and can fluctuate…