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July 6th, 2015 Update

Strawberry season begins!

We’re planning on having some Fresh Picked berries available Tuesday, July 7th at our Farm Store and starting the Pick Your Own season on Wednesday, July 8th from 9 am – noon.  Remember, our PYO schedule depends on the weather and amount of pickers out each day – 2 things we can’t control – and so is sometimes subject to last minute changes!  Please, please, check with the hotline at 475-5181 to confirm opening times.  If you’re interested in afternoon picking, we do usually allow people to go out however the wagons are not running then and so you will have to walk out to fields.  Prices, availability, maps, and all the information you’ll need is available on our site here or on the hotline to make it easy to get your local fruits and vegetables.



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