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Farm Update For Thursday, July 28th

Well, sadly, strawberry season has now come to an end, BUT, happily for Pick Your Own crops, we do still have about 1 week left to the Saskatoon season, 2 -1/2 weeks left to the raspberry season, peas should be available to pick for at least 3 weeks and yellow and green beans will be ready in the next few days!  So, as scheduled, our Pick Your Own Fields closed during the day on Thursday, and our Saskatoon, raspberry and pea fields will be open for picking Thursday evening from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

The Farm Store will be open from 9am to 4pm and then again with the evening pick from 6:30 to 9pm.  Fresh Picked raspberries will not be available this year, but after 10am on Thursday we will have Fresh Picked saskatoons, peas, new potatoes, garlic scapes, baby beets and baby carrots in the Farm Store.  You can continue to check in with our Farm Info line: 475 5181 for updates as I will update our produce availability as we move through the day and before we open for the evening.   

We will NOT be at the Little Red Barn on Thursday as we are in a bit of an “in between” stage with crops and we just won’t have enough harvested to be at the Little Red Barn.  Our apologies! 

Looking ahead, we expect our pickling cucumbers and sweet corn to be ripe and ready sometime around the middle of August.

Back here at the farm, due to food safety concerns, unfortunately pets aren’t allowed into the pick your own fields or any of the buildings on site and we do appreciate your understanding on that matter.

At the farm we accept debit, credit card, personal cheque and cash, of course.  But as a small business, we sure do appreciate when you are able to use cash or personal cheque to help us avoid those pesky credit card and debit fees.

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