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Farm Update for Sunday, July 24th

Our Pick Your Own Fields will be open from 12pm to 4pm. 

This is perhaps the last 4 days or so of the strawberry season – we’re in the 4th week of the season now.  So still lots of really great, sweet berries out in the fields, just the size of the berries does get a bit smaller now so it will take a touch longer to fill your baskets than it did during peak picking.  We’ll also have excellent Saskatoon picking, light pea picking, and start of the season raspberry picking – the patch is just starting to ripen up so good picking for some first fresh eating of raspberries.

The Farm Store will also be open from 12pm to 4pm  We are currently sold out of strawberries for the weekend – we give our crew Sunday mornings off.  We’re expecting to have more Fresh Picked strawberries in the Farm Store on Monday by 10:30am – check in with our Farm Info Line: 475 5181 for confirmation.  At this point in the season, I am no longer able to take orders for Fresh Picked Strawberries.  Our pea season is off to a bit of a slow start so Fresh Picked Peas aren’t currently available – we should start getting a consistent supply going next week.  In fact as we move into this coming week we’re planning on having baby beets, baby carrots, peas and yellow and greens coming in so do in keep in touch daily for updates.

More information about our fruits and veggies can be found HERE

The Harvest Café will be open from 12pm to 4pm with BBQ service.

Due to food safety concerns, unfortunately pets aren’t allowed into the pick your own fields or any of the buildings on site and we do appreciate your understanding on that matter.

At the farm we accept debit, credit card, personal cheque and cash, of course.  But as a small business, we sure do appreciate when you are able to use cash or personal cheque to help avoid credit card and debit fees. 

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